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tammin sursok

While she was staying in Autralia, Tammin chatted with Kate Waterhouse on her show “Date With Kate”. They talked about Tammin’s careear, how was it to move to Los Angeles and her plans for the future… Like the new projects to Charlie Baby Productions (Tammin & Sean’s movie company) and when they have kids, about raising them in Autralia. Check the pictures here.

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As we posted here before, Tammin and her husband Sean have started their own production company: Charlie Baby Produtions.

 Graceland was the first project produced by them and was a success at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York!


Family man Marlon Villar is the long-time driver of Manuel Chango, a corrupt Filipino congressman. One afternoon, while driving his and Chango’s preteen daughters home from school, the three are violently ambushed in a kidnapping attempt. When the attempt goes horribly awry, the wrong girl is taken, and the driver’s life takes a sudden, terrifying turn. Left as the only witness to the crime, Marlon’s loyalty is called into question. As events unravel further, he, Chango, and their families become ensnared in a downward spiral of betrayal and deceit that will ultimately leave no one innocent.

 You can see all the informations of the movie here – and in the official website.


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As we have already mentioned here, Tammin has started a production company with her husband, (writer-director) Sean McEwan, called Charlie Baby Productions.

According to the aussie website Herald Sun, they’re now in pre-production on a film, Whaling, writer by Tammin herself. She also plays the lead in the dark comedy about a brother and sister.

“In this day and age you kind of have to do it yourself, sometimes you have to create your own destiny and we feel like we are doing that right now,” says Sursok.

The couple’s first feature, Graceland, won critical acclaim at the recent Tribeca Film Festival in New York.




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